We are currently preparing to begin our fall quarter of Life groups. For 10 weeks our Life groups will be meeting throughout the week enjoying fellowship, sermon-based studies and special times of prayer. If you are thinking about joining a Life group all groups are always open to new members. We have groups that meet Tuesday through Saturday, some in homes and some at the church so there is sure to be a group that will fit your schedule.

1) You build relationships which can only take place in a small group setting.

2) Being sermon-based, our lessons are prepared in a way that is comfortable for the believer or the person who has been studying God’s Word for years.

3) Receiving prayer for specific needs and concerns in your life is an amazing part of the life group experience.

4) Simply put, it is good accountability in our Christian walk to be in a life group.

There are more good reasons to join a life group than the ones listed above, but these are important points to consider before making your decision.

Life Group Fall Quarter: Begins September 25th

We are currently offering Life groups Tuesday through Saturday; if you have any questions about our life group ministry please contact the church via email at lifegroups@wesleytemple.org